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"The results have been AMAZING! The transformation to my neck and complexion has been AMAZING!! I look and feel younger! - Tracey, Browns Plains, Qld.

All-in-One Bakuchiol Booster Face & Body Oil

All-in-One Bakuchiol Booster Face & Body Oil

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Rejuvenate, brighten, nourish and sooth your skin with multi-functional BODI All-in-One Bakuchiol Booster face and body oil.

  • 100% natural, antiaging, concentrated cosmeceutical,
  • contains 100% organic cold-pressed Rosehip oil to keep damaged skin hydrated, and it improve skin elasticity and collagen production,
  • contains Bakuchiol, a proven effective antiaging retinol alternative,
  • improves skin brightness, uneven skin tone, increases skin plumpness, minimises enlarged pores, boosts firmness, smooths out texture, and lessens fine lines and wrinkles,
  • rejuvenates, nourishes and sooths skin, and helps to protect it from ageing, harmful free radicals and environmental damage.
  • Addresses signs of aging, acne, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Think purity for your skin. BODI Bakuchiol Booster is it.

This BODI facial oil offers all the same plus points as retinol – but with less risk of irritation.

A small amount will go a long way and provide you with amazing skin effects. Your skin will love you for applying BODI Booster!

Hero Ingredients

100% organic cold-pressed Rosehip oil, Bakuchiol.

Directions for Use

Apply 1/4 - 1 pump per treated area 1-2 daily to cleansed skin for hydrating, strengthening and anti-ageing effects. Follow with SPF if used in the morning.

Please note this product doesn't have any thickeners and is 100% pure extract, so a little of the liquid will go a long way and has fabulous spreadability on the skin.

For optimal results, apply after using a BODI elixir. Allow to absorb for 5 minutes and then apply BODI Bioactive All-in-One Bakuchiol Booster for the face, or a BODI Bioactive Moisturiser for the body.

Due to its potency, introduce this product into your routine slowly, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Apply a small amount at night one to two times per week, then increase to two to three times per week over the next month. If you don't notice any signs of irritation, you can go up to a nightly dose and then twice daily dose if desired.

Skin Types

All skin types and skin conditions.

It is recommended for sensitive skin types to patch test on small area of neck prior to application on face. If irritation occurs discontinue use.


With BODI Bioactive All-in-One Bakuchiol Booster face and body oil enjoy:

- antiaging effects that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;

- stimulates healthy skin turnover, including skin renewal;

- Restores skin firmness;

- Reduces and evens skin tone;

- Reduced inflammation of skin cells;

- Calms skin irritation;

- Maintenance of good skin condition;

- Treats signs of aging, acne, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Used consistently, multi-functional BODI Bioactive All-in-One Bakuchiol Booster will assist you to effectively and naturally achieve your best possible skin, whilst also reducing the number of products in your skincare routine saving you time and providing you with a great outcome for your skin.

Winning :).

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