Our Story

BODI Ethos.

At BODI, we take your skincare seriously.

We offer premium 100% active, antiaging Australian botanical skincare that helps to achieve and keep your skin healthy, glowing and luminous. Beyond giving our customers chemical free products that are highly beneficial for their skin's health and improvement, we are also meticulous about the ingredients we use.

BODI premium products are class-leading and healthy for all types of skin. Our strategy is to work with the skin's existing condition, to optimise its functioning, rather than to look for quick cosmetic fixes to solve skincare issues. We look to provide simple but effective long-term antiaging skincare solutions so your skin is always at it's most healthy, glowy self.

When it comes to BODI products, the focus is always on quality and to deliver effective, clean, 100% active products that achieve great skin results, naturally.

We only use ingredients that don't cause animal suffering. Our products are vegan and don't contain any animal derivatives, fillers, additives, fragrances or synthetic substances. We also use enviro-friendly packaging.

We are dedicated to delivering to you the absolute highest, natural, Australian, quality cosmeceutical products possible that work in harmony with your skin. We look forward to bringing you more great products in the future!

Ramona Rendalls has a Master's qualification in Health Science and over 20 years combined experience as a qualified Cosmetic Chemist, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Aesthetician. During this time, she's recognised that optimally functioning healthy skin only needs a few quality, highly active antiaging products to cleanse, nourish, treat and protect.Unable to find natural, antiaging, minimalist skincare products that were effective, multi-functional and could be used on the face and body, she set about researching to identify potent, natural actives that would meet this criteria. BODI cosmeceuticals meet these standards, are simple to use, and provide amazing antiaging effects with just 2 products.

Ramona Rendalls
BODI Founder

Minimalist & High Performing.

BODI's antiaging, multi-functional skincare is 'all-in-one' and takes a minimalist approach, without short cutting performance. Our effective products address a range of skin concerns, and can be easily and effectively used on all external skin areas of the body, even lips and hair.

BODI antiaging cosmeceuticals provide results with 100% natural, high-performing, active ingredients.