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Hi, and welcome to the first BODI transformation podcast and blog, associated with BODI Bioactive skincare. I’m excited to be with you. My name is Ramona Rendels. I'm the founder of BODI Bioactive, and I want to introduce BODI to you. So thank you for joining us today. What I'd like to do is share with you some info about body and provide some background of how body came about.

I invite you to listen to the end of what I've got to share with you today. To celebrate our first podcast we have an awesome time limited offer with a great bonus product. So stay tuned for that.

To kick off, I thought I'd provide you some background about me and of how BODI came to be.

So, I've got a background in nutrition. I'm actually qualified in Human nutrition. I'm also a qualified, herbalist. I have a master's in herbal medicine and post-graduate qualifications in nutrition as well. I also have a qualification in cosmetic chemistry and skincare has always been a great passion of mine. Prior to doing tertiary studies in nutrition and herbal medicine, I completed an international diploma in beauty therapy.

Doing beauty therapy opened up my understanding of the importance of healthy skin and skin care. What really drew me to developing body was a couple of issues that I was facing in my life.

A real issue I had was that I was really busy. In fact, I was way too busy to have the time I wanted to look after my skin in the way I wanted it to be nourished and nurtured. Is that happening to you as well? So I was really wanting just one or two effective products that I could use quickly, easily, and simply.

I was seeking minimalist skincare if you like, that was easy to use and no fuss so I could get on with the rest of my day and busy schedule.  can you relate to that? The other issue I had is that there are sooooo many ingredients coming out these days.

It's could be easy to be confused about which are the best products. Because of my background I understand ingredients, but it can be confusing to know the impact skincare ingredients have on the environment, because you know, like you, I'm wanting to make sure we have a planet for our next generation and the one after that and the one after that and so on.

And so I was finding that I couldn't get all the information I wanted on some products.  I also wanted to have products that were offering great value. Now, if you like me, you don't mind paying for skincare products if they produce results and, you know, they give results and they're great for the skin. They're great for the environment, and they’re all natural. These were the sorts of features I was looking for in my skincare because I see skincare as an investment in in my wellbeing, and it’s important to make sure that skincare products have ethical practices surrounding them.

Does this resonate with you? Just to expand a little further, because I’m so busy, I wanted just one or two products that were like an all-in-one product. So, rather than having, you know, a toner and then, a serum and then an exfoliant, then an acid or a moisturizer and then a face oil, and then, you know, it gets to the point that it's a little bit crazy where you just can't manage that type of skincare routine, doing that twice a day, everyday, all those products twice a day - ?! So I wanted an all in one product, in just one or two products so I had less products to manage, not to mention wanting to pay less than if I purchased multiple products and where the ingredients in my all-in-one products would provide all the benefits that those different types of multiple single-use products provide. Does that make sense? Is that the type of thing that would be useful to you too?

And, I don't know about you, but I'm at the stage in my life where I'm getting worried about wrinkles and fine lines and looking old when I don't feel old, I actually feel great.

I feel young still. And yet, you know, I was looking in the mirror and I was seeing some signs of aging because, after all, living in Australia we're more prone to sun damage here than say European countries where they have less sunshine. So, I was looking for products that were naturally anti-aging and effective.

I also want the products I use on my skin to be natural. I want them to be Australian. I want to support Aussies in jobs. I want to support Australian businesses. I want to make sure the beauty products I use didn't negatively impact the environment. And, as a vegetarian, it was also important to me that the products I use are vegan and cruelty-free.

And, you know, the benefit to my skin would be that I'd get anti-aging effects, which were also career extending for me. So, it was those sorts of things I was looking for.

I was also looking for a product that would help me deal with the different issues my skin deals with. So for example, changes in the environment as we move between the seasons, pollution, or hormonal fluctuations.

 And, I wanted the natural products I use to minimise the effects of sun damage like pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tone, those sorts of things. And that they would be effective, irrespective of the stage of life I was in. I want a skincare product I can have a long term relationship with.

 if you can relate to that, if you can relate to what I'm saying, then then please keep listening to the end because I think you'll be really surprised with the great offer we've got to share with you today. So these are the issues that I was experiencing and the problem was I couldn't find a brand. I couldn’t find a brand that ticked all these boxes despite there being some great brands out there.

 Like I said, brands require you to buy six or seven or even eight products to actually get the skin that you want. It’s more sales for them too. For me though, using this many products is time consuming and expensive, because the cost of all these different types products adds up. And then on top of that, you know, you’re not necessarily confident that you're actually going to get the results that you're seeking.

 Something that I've noted, ever since I was a beauty therapist and it's become even more pronounced since I became a, a cosmetic chemist is how many products there are where they're predominantly made up of water. Some products are 75, 90% water or higher again. And that was a real concern for me because I would basically be paying a lot of money for something that is predominantly water.

 If you look at the ingredients on the ingredient labels on some of these products, you'll see that the first ingredient is often water - which means that's the highest or most ingredient in that product. And so, you know, you're paying a lot of money for water.

 The other concern I had was that a lot of products make claims about containing active ingredients, but often the claim is just as marketing tool rather than actually being beneficial to your skin. For example, if a product said it has vitamin C. It probably does have vitamin C, which is an active for your skin meaning, it has a positive effect on your skin, but often these products, say with our example of vitamin C or other actives, the active is so minuscule so tiny that it actually isn't sufficient enough in the product to have a benefit to your skin. And so it's really just for marketing purposes rather than for skin benefit purposes.

 Unless I could see the product formula, which let's face it, manufacturing skincare companies, aren't going to put their formula out, I wasn't confident that I was actually getting value for what I was paying. So that was another issue I had.

 Can you see where I’m coming from?

 Because I couldn’t find a skincare brand that ticks all these boxes  I decided to create bodi. Body ticks all these boxes, all those things I’ve been looking for in a great skincare product that I’ve just been talking about, and BODI also provides so much more. I can now use one or two products and I can get the effects of multiple skin products.

 BODI exlirs provide toning for the skin. They’re a serum for the skin. They’re a mild exfoliant for the skin also. The facial oil is also a mild exfoliant for the skin, has a moisturizing effect as well as being a facial oil. So basically in two products, I get the positive skin effects of at least six single-purpose skin products. Not only that, but BODI products are made with Australian botanical plants. So, you know, we really are full on Australian. We have gorgeous Australian plant ingredients with Kakadu plum, Davidson plum, flame tree, desert lime, Blue quandong, Banksia, blue wattle, Emu apple, Hibbertia and white Cypress. These are all beautiful Australian native ingredients that are wild harvested or sustainably farmed. And they processed in a new patented way to ensure all of the nutrients of each native plant are captured in the product.

 So, these are the reasons why Bodi was created! And our products are really beautiful, effective and full of quality.

 We have two elixirs and a facial oil, which is all you need for your facial skincare routine. And we also have two wonderful body moisturizers, which are beautiful for the body, including for after-sun application.

I’ve been using BODI products since 2014, but have only made them available for sale recently. One of the key reasons for this is that not only are they minimalist and natural, but they are also antiaging due to the powerful natural antioxidants that each product contains.

If you’ve got a moment, or even while you’re listening to this, I invite you to jump on the website at, that’s and have a look at my before an after pictures from using BODI.  So you can see there's a picture of me in my mid thirties, before I started using body product products. And then there's a picture of me that was taken last year -  I'm now in my fifties. The after picture taken last year was after using Bodi products for six years.

Just so you know, I don’t get any type of injections or threads or any beauty treatments. I just have consistently used Bodi for the past six years.

So I started using Bodi products on my own and because I got such good results from them, I've decided to offer them to you and to others who are interested in accessing all natural products that are minimalist and provide great skin effects. Basically they've really impacted my life. I've found that my confidence has grown because I haven't aged as much as I might otherwise.

So I feel more confident to do the things that I might not otherwise do or I might be too embarrassed to do because I look old. I also really liked is that by using Bodi, they’ve been career extending for me.

What I've really loved about BODI products is that they really save me time, there's less fuss, but my skin looks great. In terms of trying to find time and to squeeze a skincare routine into my busy schedule, it's really easy for me to use body. I’m also pleased that I'm spending less money now on skincare yet I'm getting great results, and even better results than what I was with other skincare that I was using.

BODI packaging is airless, meaning we don’t need to use artificial preservatives in our products so using airless packaging means the product stays fresh, and the containers are recyclable. The other environment-saving aspect is that less products means less packing material, less packaging waste, less fuel for shipping and delivery, fewer CO2 emissions and less garbage.

So, BODI is supporting the planet these ways, and they are also vegan and cruelty-free which was really important to me personally. We're also keeping jobs in Australia, which is awesome.

In terms of how amazing BODI products are, don't take my word for it. We have testimonials on our website and people are enjoying the products and getting great skin effects.

The products are gorgeous. They're absolutely beautiful. When you feel the products, they just screech quality at you. You can actually feel the quality of each product. When you put it on your skin, it's just beautiful on your skin, your skin just drinks it in. Once you apply it, you simply you allow it just to soak in and enjoy the refreshing goodness that it provides. Your skin will love you for it. I can tell you! Seriously.

Can you understand the benefits that I'm talking about, by using BODI products? They’re really easy to use. Basically, I just use two products twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. In the morning, I put SPF on after I've used my facial oil and it's that easy.

That's all you need to do. So it's literally just two minutes and you're done. What BODI has done for me I expect it will do for you as well.  I think the big factor for me is that I've stayed committed to it – I have a long term relationship with it for my skin. And because I've been committed to it, I've really noticed the improvements to my skin and improvements to my self confidence. - Just ask my husband, he’ll let you know!

I feel more confident about how I look. You know, I don't mind being my age, in my fifties, but I want to look good for my age, naturally. I still want to have healthy looking skin and to feel good about myself and these products really do that. 

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So it's a really, really generous offer. As I said, it's time limited as we only have 200 units of the free body moisturizer to give away that are valued at $59.90. The body moisturizers are just gorgeous.

So grab one of those today in your offer. Be quick to do that. I really encourage you to order now to get your beautiful body products. They're natural, they're Australian and they're anti-aging.

Sign up to our newsletter, get your 25% off coupon and place your order so you can experience your own skin transformation and increase your confidence. Then you get to experience what this feels like for yourself. Not only that, but you also save time and you save money, obviously. You’ll get more time back in your day, your busy day, and you'll get great skin just by using  two of the natural Australian BODI products.

And if you don't feel you're getting your value with this offer, by all means you can return your unopened products and we'll give you a full refund.

So, just to recap, I’ve shared a little of my background and the reasons why I created BODI. BODI minimalist skincare is 100% Australian, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally responsible. We also donate profits of BODI to humanitarian causes, so your purchase will touch the life of someone else, and best of all for your skin, BODI is naturally antiaging due to the potent antioxidants it contains from Australian native plants.

I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit more about BODI, and our background story.


If the ethos, and the product features and benefits of Body resonate with you, please subscribe to our newsletter. We will be providing lots of lovely juicy bits of information going forward, including some great offers. As we continue to grow, we'd really love for you to be part of the journey. Thank you for listening and go in and grab your offer now, before it runs out and stay tuned for another podcast soon. Have a great day.
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